How Advertisers Can Benefit From Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How Advertisers Can Benefit From Artificial Intelligence

In today’s digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool for advertisers to achieve their goals. With the help of AI, advertising can be more efficient, effective, and personalised. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the five key benefits of advertisers using AI technology to enhance their campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence

Improved targeting

Artificial intelligence algorithms can work to analyse data sets from different sources, such as social media and search engines, to ensure that all advertising campaigns are targeting the most appropriate platforms. As a result, advertisers now have the power to easily segment, analyse and predict which audiences will engage better with the different types of content distributed.

In summary, AI algorithms now allow advertisers to easily identify trends and patterns for more targeted advertisements, better engaged audiences and improved conversion rates.

Increased Efficiency benefit of AI in business is its ability to automate tasks, reducing the time and effort needed for advertisers to create and run successful advertising campaigns.

Advertisers can use AI-powered advertising platforms to automate a variety of day-to-day tasks, such as ad creation, targeting and admin. This increased efficiency allows advertisers to get more done in less time, to be able to focus on other priorities.

At Purple Media, we have built an entire website, detailing Gibraltar’s unique history, using AI capabilities. With the help of this revolutionary technology, the time and investment required to produce the many pages of engaging text required, was greatly reduced – without compromising on quality. 

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Reduce Costs

Advances in AI technology also allows advertisers to optimise their campaigns and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Advertisers are then able to use that information to optimise their ads in a way that is cost-effective, to make the most of their advertising budget.

AI algorithms are now instrumental in helping advertisers to understand the real value of their campaigns, increasing the Return On Investment for each individual ad.


In advertising, no two audiences, channels, or media platforms, are alike. AI allows advertisers to personalise their advertisements, taking into consideration the specific requirements of each individual campaign.

Using easily trackable behaviours such as search history, location, and demographic targeting, AI is well positioned to help advertisers easily tailor their campaigns to individual users, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Real-time Insights and Analytics

Finally, AI has the ability to provide detailed real-time analytics, allowing advertisers to optimise their campaigns regularly, using data-driven insights, instead of relying on estimates. AI-powered analytics provide a glimpse into how an ad is actually performing, allowing advertisers to adjust their campaigns accordingly, to ensure that they are optimised for success.

Looking to embrace AI in your business?

It is no secret that artificial intelligence is revolutionising the advertising industry. As we have discussed, it provides advertisers with new and innovative ways to reach and engage target audiences, and increases efficiency and performance, all while decreasing costs.

Adopting AI as part of your future advertising strategy is critical, to remain competitive in today’s digital age, but the initial time investment needed to effectively implement this technology can be a barrier to some.

At Purple Media, we are on hand to help your business embrace AI technology, with our comprehensive, AI powered services. For more information, visit our website or contact us via email

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