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Outdoor advertising: how and when to use it

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Outdoor advertising: how and when to use it

Purple Media is a digitally focused agency, but we still believe in the more traditional forms of media. Chief among them, Outdoor advertising (also called out-of-home or OOH). It can be a very powerful channel when used in the right way. We discuss how and when to use it.

When people think Outdoor advertising, the first image that comes to mind is the billboard. Whilst this traditional format is still going strong, outdoor advertising has developed and adapted to the 21st century with many options available to advertisers. Outdoor includes roadside panels, digital screens, bus wraps and many other options. The share of digital out-of-home (DOOH) is increasingly rapidly across the world and allows advertisers to have dynamic ads.

A big bonus is that outdoor ads can not be blocked!

  1. Mass awareness: outdoor is a channel ideal to build awareness. It is less targeted than digital formats but is perfect for brands that want to have a wide reach and talk to everyone.
  2. Convey brand authority: when seeing a large format outdoor ad, passers by will see the brand as a serious “big” one that is here to tell the world about their product or service.
  3. Drive people to your store(s): smart campaign planners will use tactical local outdoor advertising to direct potential customers in close vicinity to their store and drive sales.
  4. Reach tourists: this audience is not to be discounted. Tourists are hard to reach as they will mostly be out and about exploring the city. Outdoor is a great solution to reach this audience, and you can use their language too!

 Unlike a radio or television advertisement, with outdoor advertising, the audience can’t simply change the channel. Whether your targeting morning commuters or pedestrian traffic in a densely populated area, when people are on the move they are typically more aware of their surroundings and pay attention to advertising in their field of vision.

Purple Media’s staff has extensive knowledge of the local and international outdoor market, with many years of experience. We can help you plan an effective campaign with a strong ROI. Contact us today and book your free consultation:

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