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TAX: Portutax

Portutax, part of the Gibro Group, reached out to Purple Media at the beginning of 2022 in order to promote to their services in Portugal and the UK.

  • The challenge: Portutax operates in a very competitive environment, offering fiscal representation in Portugal for foreigners who own assets (incl. properties) in the country.
  • What we did: After analysing the audience data, Purple Media created a media campaign in Portugal and the UK with clear targeting, which included: Digital Ads, Videos Ads, Google Search & SEO, Social Media, Press, OOH and Radio

Purple Media created different sets of artworks: different messages and images, with a testing phase. Once the results were in, we launched the full scale campaign as per the media plan.

  • The results: More than 150 qualified leads over a period of 2 months, and a happy client!


Purple Media is an experienced, fast and efficient team. Each of the different members is approachable and has skills that have helped us to take to market our service. Their international view is a great asset, and we have seen strong growth since we started to work with them.

David Revagliatte, Director of Marketing (Gibro Group | Portutax)


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