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Telecommunication: Gibtelecom

Gibtelecom is amongst the largest companies in Gibraltar. Purple Media is their partner to create many of their ad sets from digital media to press to Out-of-home; and we work jointly to plan media campaigns – each one with a specific need based on the product/service and target audience.

  • The challenge: Gibtelecom needs to be seen to be at the forefront of technology, through creating engaging, beautiful and importantly, on-brand media campaigns.
  • What we did: The media team at Purple Media advises Gibtelecom on what media channels are the best to reach the audience. The design team creates innovative and engaging content, fully animated and static.
  • The results: Gibtelecom’s communications have significantly improved, and their social presence has gone up. A long-lasting beneficial mutual relationship!

I have worked on various projects with Purple Media and have always had a great experience.  The team are dedicated, professional, flexible and very easy to work alongside.  Keep up the great work Purple Media!


Deirdre Dunne, Marketing Executive (Gibtelecom)


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