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Education: University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar is a leading higher education body in Gibraltar. Their programmes range from undergrad to PhD. They have quality niche courses, including a Language Centre for English and

  • The challenge: The University is fairly recent and isn’t very well known on the international stageand operates in a very competitive environment. Local students also often preferred to go to the UK for their university education.
  • What we did: Purple Media created a in-depth multichannel media plan to reach the various and extremely target audiences locally and the various target markets: Digital Ads, Videos Ads, Google Search & SEO, Social Media, Press, OOH and Radio Working in partnership with the University, we created quality content that has engagement way above the industry average.
  • The results: The 2022 recruitment was the highest on record, both locally and internationally!


The team at Purple Media has been a very great help to our University. Throughtheir detailed and professional approach, they have been an integral part of our success throughout the years. Their knowledge of the landscape has been essential for the various programmes we want to promote.


  Communication and Marketing Manager (University of Gibraltar)


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