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Reach the desirable Chinese audience using WeChat.

Reach the desirable Chinese audience using WeChat.

In China, WeChat is much more than an app, it’s a lifestyle. Here is our Purple take on how to reach the desired Chinese audience..

WeChat(微信, Weixin), developed by tech giant Tencent, is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app. In China, people use it to send text messages, voice messages, share photographs, videos, locations, and provide broadcast messaging, video conferencing, video games, etc. It is an all encompassing app, in a country that has banned Facebook and other social media apps from the West as part of its internet control strategy.

In recent years, many international brands are using WeChat to reach the Chinese audience, especially since travel between China and the rest of the world is restricted with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Twenty million+ high-quality official accounts have opened, and the number of images and texts on the WeChat official accounts platform has reached three billion+.


What are the advantages of WeChat advertising? Here are 4 main ones.

1. Mass reach: the vast majority of Chinese mobile Internet users are covered.

2. Precise targeting: just like on Western platforms, users can be targeted based on their profiles.

3. Systematic delivery tools: The platform provides complete and visualised effect evaluation data to help advertisers track and analyse the delivery situation.

4. Closed-loop ecology: Based on the platform ecology, it provides closed-loop solutions such as official accounts subscription, card, and voucher issuance, LBS, and mini-programs.


The different types of WeChat advertising.

1. WeChat Official account advertisement

Done through the brand account (you will need a brand account on WeChat, just like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) the official account advertisement is an advertisement in four spaces in a form of an article/advertorial: the bottom of the article, the middle of the article, the mutual selection advertisement, and the video clip.

2. WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat Moments Advertising is a form of original content like those posted by friends that accurately locates the target group of users in WeChat Moments. It includes two product forms: regular ads and card ads.

3. Mini-Programme Ads

WeChat mini-programme advertising is done on WeChat’s mini-programs and mini-games, and the traffic owner of mini-programs determines the actual placement of the ads. It includes two types of advertising: banner advertising and incentive advertising.

4. WeChat KOLs Advertising

KOLs: Key Opinion Leaders are basically Influencers and can be trusted by their followers for their opinions on a product or service.

Our views.

Marketing on WeChat is essential to anyone trying to reach potential consumers in China. It enhances the interaction and leads to a  better brand image. Different types of placements are key for different strategies, which are dependent on each advertiser. Purple Media can be your perfect partner for any campaigns on WeChat. Contact us today and book your free consultation:

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