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Why small and medium businesses should consider Music and Podcast advertising

Why small and medium businesses should consider Music and Podcast advertising

Much has changed in the previous decade regarding how to reach customers effectively with audio content.

Why audio advertising could be a good fit for your business:

One reason for this shift is the explosive growth of the podcasting industry, which has mostly overtaken radio among younger audiences. It’s also true that listening to music online via services like Spotify has become the norm.

The outcome of this is excellent for your small and medium business advertising. Due to the proliferation of podcasts, your target demographic may regularly listen to multiple episodes that cover ground related to your field. Sponsoring a podcast and having your ad read aloud by the host during the show is a great way to get your message in front of potential clients. At the same time, they are actively interested in and thinking about issues relating to your business. They will immediately view you as credible because the host reading the ad is someone they already respect and like.

Ads can be played between songs on the free versions of Spotify and Deezer, two of the most popular streaming music services. Though this is a more specialized use that will be determined by the nature of your medium or small business, you can be confident that both systems provide the same level of granular targeting that you’ve come to expect from every other form of digital advertising.

Unlike main television commercials, radio broadcasts can be targeted to a certain demographic. Radio stations cater to a wide variety of listeners by playing music genres and hosting specialized conversation shows, allowing marketers to contact their target audience. Ads production is a massive undertaking, but it’s not necessary for radio. Produce your commercial or shell out the cash to have someone with creative chops record something that will stand out in the air. Radio Advertising is a bargain compared to those in the newspaper or television.


The radio’s major problem is that it’s usually just background noise for whatever boring task you’re engaged in. Your message may go unheard if your target audience is preoccupied with something else, such as a news broadcast or Justin Bieber’s new single.

The use of audio in Small and medium business advertising allows companies to reach consumers who may not be at a screen when they hear about a promotion. Audio advertising covers various media, from jingles and scores to commercials and other branded audio. It also has audio commercials. Advertisers may help customers find products and services that are relevant to them by integrating adverts into audio experiences like ad-supported music streaming or podcasts.


Podcast Advertising

Traditionally, podcasts have mostly attracted large businesses advertisements or direct-response advertisements. In contrast, as podcasts gain popularity, a wider variety of advertisements, including targeting by demographics, geotargeting and affinity have become possible and a good option for small and medium businesses.

No matter what form an advertisement takes, its primary function is to raise awareness of a business or its wares among consumers. This typically occurs after the podcast host gives their stamp of approval. The advertiser and podcast agree upon the ad’s content, duration, location, and other conditions.

Everyone involved in the podcast advertising campaign on the same page regarding these nuances is essential. They are crucial indicators of success. For instance, including promo codes in the body of the advertisement can improve the reliability of the information gathered.

You can ask site visitors where they heard about you by conducting a survey. While it’s not the most reliable technique, polling your site’s visitors to find out how they heard about you can yield useful information. You can obtain a complete picture of your campaign’s performance when you use this with custom URLs or landing pages. Keep in mind that this may not take into account listeners who convert at a later time or after being retargeted multiple times. Tracking pixels could be used to identify ads within podcasts uniquely.


Radio Advertising


When you think of radio, you immediately conjure up images of radio advertising. I’m sure you can think of at least one commercial or jingle that has stuck with you since you were a kid. There’s a good chance you’ve spent your whole childhood listening to radio ads, which means you’ve heard plenty of catchy jingles that rapidly became annoying. Indeed, the first known radio commercial was broadcast in 1893.


Is It Beneficial to Advertise on the Radio?


Not all companies would benefit from airing radio commercials. Small and Medium Businesses that want to go big or have a wide audience will benefit the most from this strategy. High-priced consumer goods and services may also benefit from this method. If you’re trying to get the word out about your brand-new small company, radio advertising is a great choice, provided you have a compelling marketing message.

Consider who you’re trying to reach if they listen to the radio and what kind of message they’d respond to before dropping cash on radio commercials. Ads on the radio might not be the best use of your money if your firm caters to a specific subset of the population. Radio advertisements have higher up-front costs than other forms of marketing, so you’ll need to be prepared for them (like online search or display ads).


Spotify Advertising


Spotify’s self-serve advertising platform allows even the smallest businesses to make polished ads on their own time and budget. Ad Studio connects advertisers with receptive, in-the-moment consumers while they stream their favourite music and podcasts. 61% of Spotify advertising helps its users to agree that listening to digital audio commercials is a good way to learn about new brands.

If the small or medium business owner doesn’t want to give control of their advertising to an outside agency, they can utilize our self-serve advertising platform to do it themselves, choosing the optimum combination of budget, targeting settings, and creative assets. Spotify’s Ad Studio aims to make it easy for businesses to get their message in front of interested listeners.


Digital audio advertising: where to begin


There is no doubt that advertising by digital marketing has its benefits: This tactic works well for companies that want to establish long-term relationships with their target markets. Spotify Ad Studio is an easy-to-use platform that provides specialized targeting tools, creative services, and real-time reporting. It allows businesses of all kinds to produce audio commercials tailored to their specific needs. Targeted customers might be attracted to your business through these personalized digital audio advertisements.


Different digital audio advertisements are available to keep listeners interested regardless of location with the help of any creative marketing agency. Ad Studio gives local companies a variety of options for displaying their advertisements.


Advertisements that can be heard while driving

Your message will reach your target audience at the perfect time with music advertising that plays in-between tracks on playlists accessed across multiple devices.


Advice for small and medium businesses advertising:


Interactivity is the way of the future for digital audio commercials. Asking listeners to do something, such as “tap now to learn more,” might increase their involvement. Audio advertisements can be more effective if they feature exclusive content or coupon codes.

Audio ads provide a more personal and relevant experience for consumers than other forms of digital marketing.

To conclude

Audio advertising can be a very good fit for many businesses, and can be a great success through careful and detailed planning by a media agency such as Purple Media. We have a wealth of experience in this field and can help you to take your business further. Get in touch today: |

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